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How to Find the Best Phone Call Sex Today?

So you’re sitting there on the phone, trying to talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend whom you haven’t seen in a while and you’re trying to keep things interesting by talking about the days events, how much you miss each other, etc.

Phone Sex With Real People

People are sexual by nature, and phone sex is a great way to express this sexuality without being physical and is especially useful for couples in long distance relationships. Since you two cannot be physical with each other, this is a great way to connect with each other on a totally different level using Phone Call Sex. Since its not physial, you’re focusing, and hence improving, on the sensual aspect of your relationship and increasing desire for the physical aspect.

By enjoying proper phone sex with each other, the two of you will become more aware of each other’s sexual desires, learn about each other’s sexual fantasies, and learn not be shy with your significant other. Not only that, but you’ll have fun and hopefully get some pleasure out of the experience using Phone Call Sex. Most importantly, your relationship will get a much-needed kick in the back.

Why do you need to know how to talk to a woman over the phone? This is because a phone call is the most logical step after you get a woman's number. Listen, guys who try to get women's numbers in bars also know they have to call her in a few days. The problem is that they mess up the phone conversation and that's the thing that causes the blow off.

Don't lose your chance of going on a date with a woman who gave you her real phone number. Use the same skills you used when you asked for it. Here's how...

Phone Dating Secrets - How To Make Her Like You Over The Phone

Tip #1. Use Humor

You must be able to engage her through conversation in the first few seconds after she picks up. This is because a woman who gets bored will think nothing of pressing the plunger if you don't get her interested to stick around. Being nervous is not an excuse. In fact, she might not even consider your anxiety.

If you acted all funny and witty the night you met her, she might expect you to act the same way on the phone. Remember, you were the guy she gave her number to, so that means she might have liked you enough at one point to do that.

Tip #2. Use Compelling Conversation

Besides humor, you need good material for a conversation to progress. Think of a good story to tell her and you're sure to get her hooked into you. A good conversationalist is a master storyteller. He will always be able to turn a girl into a willing audience.

Now that we're on the topic, here's a good conversation tool you can use to make a woman more interested, as if hypnotized. Try Fractionation. It's the method that expert seducers use to make women fall in love. It takes just 15 minutes to pull off and it's super effective in making a woman anchor her feelings on you.

Fractionation is an amazing technique which is normally used face-to-face, but it is also effective when used over the phone - since it involves only words and nothing else. Below is a step-by-step formula (in summary) on how it works -

Here, once you get her to laugh (tip #1 above) then you must immediately use this technique. First, get her to talk about her past happy experiences, and then immediately switch to sad stuff. This rapid succession of happiness and sadness will make her feel that she has experienced both happiness and sadness with you - and hence build rapid emotional connection with you.

Phone Dating Tips

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Phone dating is rising in popularity with studies showing that more people are joining phone chat lines each year. It is becoming such a popular way to meet singles because many people now carry cell phones with them everywhere. This gives people access to the dating line at any time of the day or night and does not require Internet access. Phone chat has not always had a good reputation, but this is starting to change and the industry is starting to prosper.

Choosing a phone dating service
It is important to realize that not every dating service is genuinely trying to help you meet people. Scams do exist and you should do everything you can to avoid them. A good way to do this is take advantage of the free trial offers that some companies use to get customers. This way you can test the service before you make a commitment to using it. You could also talk to other people and ask about which services they use and do or do not recommend. The Internet is a great place to find out this information as unsatisfied customers often leave comments online.

How to use phone chat to attract more singles
Once you have found a reputable phone dating provider, you need to sign up and complete your profile. The more information you include in it the better your chances of getting replies. This should include information about yourself along with what you are looking for in a date. Always be honest and if your provider offers online profiles include a picture as this can increase profile hits by quite a lot. Once you have done this you can either start searching though the other profiles or join a party line and talk with other members to get to know them.

Phone dating safety
As with any type of dating there are some safety tips that you need to follow when using chat lines. If you are bothered by anyone it is important to report the user to the phone dating line so they can deal with the situation. Never get into arguments or debates with other uses that could cause tension, simply hang up and dial in later. It is important to keep your personal details private until you choose to give them to another member if you want to meet them, but always meet in a public place to be safe.

Even though it is very important to be safe, the most important thing is that you have fun, meet new people and possibly even have some exciting dates in the future. If you take a little bit of time to research a quality phone chat provider and you can be sure that you will have a good time.

Phone Sex Script

Once you have your partner on the phone, take things at a speed you’re both comfortable with. There’s no “correct” way to have phone sex.

If it helps you relax, spend a few minutes chatting before you get started… just don’t let yourselves get distracted from your sexy goal. A low, soft tone of voice or heavy breathing can help set the mood, but don’t force it if doing so is unnatural for you: speaking and breathing comfortably in your normal tone of voice will be sexier than an awkwardly forced attempt at sounding sexy.

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